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Parents | Media Power Youth

Parent Educational Workshops

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Promoting Media Smart Children and Families


Children are more likely to succeed in school, have healthier relationships, better self esteem and have less anxiety when they learn how to interact with media in positive ways. As parents, we need to be aware of and be involved with the media our children use and produce.

Bring Media Power Youth to your community for an interactive, media-rich session to discuss:

How media influence our children’s behavior and choices

How we can make our children smart about media and more capable of making healthy, safe choices leading to their success

What we can do in our homes, schools and communities to create healthy media environments and promote smart, pro-social uses of media.


Topics for parent & community presentations include

Media Smart Right from the Start:  Learn to be a Media Smart Parent for your pre-school aged child/toddler

Screens Off: Media Reduction in Your Home and Community Can have Healthy Results

Advertising: The Battle for Your Child’s Brain and Body

Girls & Media: Realities and Strategies

Teens & Media: Brain Development and Media Usage

Consuming Kids: Documentary and Discussion

What Goes Online Stays Online… Forever. Digital Footprint and Data Mining

Positive Uses of Media for Children and Families

Digital Citizenship: How to Behave Online


For information about helping your child use media in safe, healthy ways, please Contact Us.